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Shift+ctrl+keypad5 Hotkey Not Available!


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I was about to agree with you about the oversight but now I see what the problem is. This is funny, I've been working on computers my entire adult life and although I knew this many years ago I did not think of it again until now.


Shift is not limited to the qwerty keypad, it works on the 10 keypad as well. So if you have the NumLock off and press 4 you arrow left. I now remember this in the days before our keyboards were 'enhanced' and got the arrow keys in between the two. I would leave the NumLock on and momentarily override it with a shift to arrow around or whatever. But unlike the qwerty shift doesn’t override the numlock the other way. Try this… If you have the NumLock off and ht the 8 it will arrow up. If you turn the numlock on and hit 8 it still arrows up! Now notice that there is no alternate function on your 10 keypad for 5. Also if you look at the Hotkey assignment dialog box you will notice the same thing. Regardless of whether your NulLock is on or off if you hit CTRL+SHIFT+Num4 it will always appear as Arrow Left. I imagine nothing in Windows or ME could override this as it’s what’s the keyboard is telling it.


I think we tend to think as Shift as another key we can use in concert for more combinations but really CTRL+SHIFT+ANYTHING is really a two key combination. Shift just shifts the register in the keyboard to an alternate set of values. And in this case there is no value at 5.

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