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Why Can't I Get My Macro To Repeat?


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Hi everyone


I've used the latest version of Macro Express (3.7a) to capture a hotkey macro. I'd like for the macro to repeat indefinetaly until I turn it off - but It won't seem to do it.


I have my macro set on a schedule only (I unchecked the hotkey box in the activation tab) and the schedule is set to "Load File" and I have the "Run macro indefinetaly" option checked. So I start ME, and then right-click my macro and select "Run Macro Now". The thing is, when it's done running it won't repeat. It seems pretty straightforward! I've tried to set the schedule to "At Startup" but that doesn't work either.


-Any help would be appreciated! :D

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Open the macro with the scripting editor and add a “Repeat Until” command and set the condition to “Until T1<>T1” which can only be true and will cause it to run forever.

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