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Hey all,


I'm new to macro express but have found the trial useful. I'm seriously considering purchasing the program to help me in my daily tasks of information gathering. However, I have some concerns.


From what I've been able to use the program for so far, it appears that Macro Express is heavily dependent upon window position and timing issues. Is Macro Express capable of determining when and if a web page loads and either waiting or terminating the macro? Is Macro Express capable of correctly positioning windows and differentiating the correct window it should interact with from a multitude of others.


For example, part of my daily tasks is gathering information from multiple websites, printing and inputting parts of that information into a report application. At my current level of knowledge of ME I am solely reliant on mouse position, window position and proper timing for my macros to work correctly. Being that the web is dynamic, pages may not load on time or at all, my macros are very susceptible to timing issues.


Anyway, I'm not looking for specific instruction. What I am looking for is input to determine whether or not Macro Express is capable of overcoming these issues before I commit the money and more importantly the time required to learn this application to its full extent.



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Absolutely. There are scads of us who write macros like this every day. One of the nice features of Macro Express is that with almost no learning one can start creating macros using the recorder. However as you may have experienced certain difficulties will arise. For this reason most of us who write macros frequently do not use the recorder it all and write all of our macros using the scripting editor which is more like a programming language. Here there is almost no problem that can’t be solved. I can say with confidence that Macro Express will do what you need.

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