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I've made a small application that can display the contents of a short text file as a tray tip (a balloon popup from near the clock in your task bar). This can be used as a low-key alternative to ME's message boxes to give status reports or pass on information while a macro is running.

The attached zip contains the exe file and the text files it needs to run. The text files and the exe need to be decompressed to the same directory.

When you want ME to display a tray tip, you save your message to the text file called 'Message to display', and the amount of time (in seconds) you want it to display to the text file called 'Seconds to display'. After you have done that, you change the directory to wherever the exe is located, then launch it. Below is an example ME macro. I've only tested this on my computer but it should work on any. If anyone knows of a more simple way to create Tray Tips from ME, please let us know!



<TVAR2:01:01:This is a tray tip from Macro Express><TVAR2:01:02:FEnter text to display as a Tray TipFFCenter:Center><TVAR2:02:01:3><TVAR2:02:02:FSeconds to display forFFCenter:Center><TMVAR2:17:01:00:000:000:C:\Message to display.txtF><TMVAR2:17:02:00:000:000:C:\Seconds to display.txtF><DOFILE:01:NN:C:\>><LAUNCHDEL2:0:01C:\Tray tip.exe>


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