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Macro Express Gone From The Task Bar!


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Here is a new problem, lately macroexpress sometimes shows up in the task bar and sometimes does not, its still running in the background as I can press a hotkey and it will run a preprogrammed script, but when I click on the icon on the desktop it does not open it seems to be already running but no icon in task bar and no maro express for me to edit. Also when hitting a hotkey it responds normally and runs the macro and there is no running man in the system tray to indicate that it is running.


Please help...



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This occurs on some computers when Macro Express is loaded when Windows loads. The problem is that sometimes Windows tells Macro Express to launch when Windows is not yet ready for Macro Express to establish the interfaces with Windows.


To correct this, open Macro Express and click Options, Preferences, Startup and enable the 'Wait for' option. Enter a value in the 'seconds' field. My computer currently has 2 seconds and that may be enough for you. But you may want to try 30 seconds first to see if it corrects the problem. You can reduce the amount of time later to determine what is optimal for your computer.


Additional information can be found in the Knowledgebase article found here: Macro Express will not start. I cannot open the Macro Express.

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