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I'm new to scripting, and am slowly figuring out the basics. But, I'm running into a problem I'm not sure how to fix - or if I even *truly* want to.


Until I figure out how to do this in ME, I plan on using a separate program to download email HTML files into a directory, named in sequence...text_html1.html, text_html2.html etc. The files can come in large bursts, or trickle in. My goal is to open them with a browser window, locally.


But, IE6 on XP SP2 of course wants to prevent me from running content that could be harmful - even locally. The files do come from just about anywhere - I have no way to be sure they're safe in terms of malicious code. In fact, I must assume they aren't safe. But, I DO need to open the files, and am unsure how to automate this without potentially opening up access that (at times) I shouldn't.


The machine is dedicated for this task. Nothing else important on it - although it is on a network.


Any ideas on how to code the "ok to run" portion without enabling lots of other things, like installing ActiveX, etc?




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Maybe you can have ME save the mail message as a text file using your email program and then have ME open the file with you text editor of choice. Most email program should allow you to save a HTML mail message as text. Once saved as a text file then you no longer have to worry about any viruses or malicious code.

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That would work for some of the key pieces of info in the email. But, stripped-down text emails don't have an ability to ensure whatever "open rate" metrics used by the sender(s) are activated - to indicate the email has been opened, and also possibly acted upon - which will be script#2 of this project.


If we use HTML, all metrics are covered. But, I don't know what I might do to accomplish the same thing using a text email.


The emails are coming from a variety of senders, and the goal is to be able to handle anything sent to us. So, we can't look for a specific image, or a specific domain. We have to be fairly generic.



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