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In my multiple choice menus, when I use the ampersand (&) so you can type a letter to choose the choice, sometimes it shows a underline under the letter I put the ampersand next to, and sometimes it doesn't. I always put the ampersand directly in front of the letter. Not leaving a space. (ie: &Yes &No)


How can I get the underline to ALWAYS show up under the letter or number I want to have as the choice?


Thanks everyone!

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I experienced the same sporadic and random problem with multiple-choice menus. Specifically, in my case, I'm talking about radio button/one choice menus. Sometimes when I run the macro, the underlines are there; sometimes when I run the same macro, they are not there.


I was running ME version 3.5d on Windows XP Pro SP1. I just upgraded to the latest ME version, so I have no information yet if the same problem happens there.


I don't know how these experiences compared to those of the person who made the original post to this thread.

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I was just trying a few things and although I could not reproduce your problem. I tried 3 machines, Vista Ultimate without Aero, Windows 2003 Server, and Windows 2000 Pro where I reproduced your MC dialogs exactly and ran them on the current version of ME. It appears you have XP but I don’t have an XP box at hand although I could check tonight when I get home. The Vista and Server 2003 machines show no underscores in either case and the W2k machine showed them in both. This doesn’t help you much but it does make me wonder…


Why can’t I get underscores in Vista?

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