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I’ve been meaning to write this up for a while but I’ve been busy. Today I was working on a similar issue so I thought I would post this for you.


Vista users beware, the order of operations has switched on file operations. It used to be that, much to my annoyance, a wildcard copy command would start at the end of the alphabet and work backwards. Thankfully the corrected this in Vista and now it starts from the beginning and moves up the alphabet. But if any of your macros are sensitive to this it could conceivably cause problems for you.


Just thought you would like to know.


Hey Kevin: Have ME file operation commands always followed the OS or does it follow it's own logic? And if different waht is it? I'm too lazy to test it myself.

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Have ME file operation commands always followed the OS or does it follow it's own logic?

Macro Express asks Windows for the files. On a FAT32 system such as Windows 98, the filenames are received by Macro Express in the order they were saved to the hard drive. It is difficult to predict the order.


On an NTFS system such as Windows XP (if your drive is formatted for NTFS) the files are received by Macro Express in alphabetical order. I expected Vista to work the same way as Windows XP with an NTFS file system.


When you tried this and it worked in reverse alphabetical order, was it on a computer with an NTFS drive or a FAT32 drive? I am guessing FAT32. And I'm guessing the files were copied from another source and they were copied in alphabetical order. That way the last files alphabetically would have been written to the folder last and when loaded into Macro Express would come back in reverse alphabetical order.


Note that flash and other USB drives may be formatted in FAT32 format changing the behavior.


By the way, this was discussed in a previous post.

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All of these are NTFS examples. In my experiance when a user accidently drags and drops a folder somepleace else it moves the last files first followed by the last subfolders. Of course this is in Windows 2000 and XP. In Vista it's the other way around.

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