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We have a few programs that send emails out directly off of the mail server. These are always to internal employees. When a user is no longer in the system, the emails fail. We used to have it throw up a prompt box, but we changed it to just logging the errors so it would not crash the macro. Our problem is that these emails go to multiple people, and if there is 1 user that no longer exists, NO email goes out at all. Is there a way to force macro to still send that email out to the other users?

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You could use a repeat loop to send the email to one recipient at a time. Then if one fails, the other messages will still be sent. This will cause Macro Express to work harder but you may not notice and probably will not care.


I have entered this as a feature request in our tracking system. We will look into it and see if it is possible to make the change.


This issue was assigned the tracking number [iSS4790] with the summary "When sending an email message to multiple recipients, if one message fails, send the rest anyway."

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Thanks Kevin... that fix won't work since the additional recipients need to see the MAIN recipient... and the specific email recipient position that we are having trouble with ALSO needs to see the others as well.


I have been working on modifying the macro to log the errors, then "process text file" to see if an error appears after the send. If so, then crop the characters around the email address, remove from the list of recipients, and resend to everyone else. After that, clear the email error log with an overwrite. That way, everytime it runs, it is working off of a clean email error log and will only see the most recent error.

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