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Possible To Position The Cursor?


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In Direct Access (a program in which one can set abbreviations to have them expanded to a pre-set text) it's possible to set an abbreviation (ShortKey) named, say 'thep' to


to handle enterPage
end enterPage


so that when the shortkey is typed, it expands to the above with a blinking cursor in the second line (after a tab position).


The only way that seems to be possible to do the same in ME seems to be:


to handle enterPage<ENTER>
end enterPage<HOME><ARROW UP><TAB>


It's fine in this case but will be painful at times when I want the cursor to be positioned at specific locations for which I need to count the number of characters and manually select Backspace that many times.


So, my question is: Is it possible to position the cursor easily after the text is typed out in ME?

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For the life of me I can't understand what you're looking to do exactly. So with DA you type a simple bit of text and when it sees that it expands the text to a larger bit of text. Do I have this right so far? IOW it’s like Word’s AutoText feature.


Now the first thing I don’t understand in your message is that the text generated in the second code box is missing the second line in the example of your first code box. Am I missing something here?


But to answer your question “Yes” it is easy to position your cursor. But I don’t understand about you needing to count characters in order to know to backspace X number of times. Would it not be better to just not type the text in the first place? So I must be missing something here.


Also between the two code sections you say the cursor will be positioned after the tab position of the second line. What tab?

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