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Internet Connection Toggle?


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Hello Scott!


Congratualtions. You will never want to go back to dial-up.


When it comes to broadband, I am only familiar with our own DSL, and with it. There is no online/offline to toggle. You are always connected. It is just a matter of launching your browser, and going places.

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Hi Scott,


One of my gripes is that broadband is 'always on'. Yes, it is convenient to not have to wait for a connection when I load a browser or my email client but an always on connection is more vulnerable to outside attacks. (I have firewalls to help with this.)


My DSL modem is external to my computer so there is no way for a macro to toggle it online or offline. However, some cable and DSL modems are installed right in your computer. The computers I have seen with internal modems have a software program that allows you to, among other things, toggle the connection. If this is the case for you, perhaps you could write a macro to do this.


If your modem control software has an icon in the system tray, you could use the 'Move Mouse to Tray Icon' command to access the on/off or toggle option.


The 'If Online' command actually does a 'ping' to one or more specific servers to determine if the internet connection is up. So it should be able to determine if your broadband connection is up. If not, however, you could use the 'Ping Site' command to have your macro determine if you are online.

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