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ok, heres my problem. I'm using ME to play a browser game. In this game, you raid people close to you and everyone is on a grid with coordinates, so inputting the coordinates is easy. the hard part is the timing of my raid. It will tell you how long it will take your troops to get there but only after the raid is sent. each place is different on distance, and what kinda troops you send can effect the time.


I'd like to copy/paste this info(the time) and put it into the end of my macro so that I can string multiple macros together to raid different places while I'm away. I've been manually looking up the time for each and using the Wait Time Elapse command.


Is there anyway I can take this time it gives me, double it, and add it to the end of my macro to create the time gap I need to string my macro's together.


I'm sure people are gonna have questions about what the hell is going on cause I'm not very good at explaining this stuff.



thanks so much for your help in advance

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heres what im talking about.


where it says "in 0:03:45 hrs." id like to double that time, and add it to the end of the macro. because the times are always different, it'd be great if the macro would automatically acquire this variable so i can string raids together for long periods of raiding while im away.



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I would simply copy the time and parse it out for hourse, minutes and seconds. Do some integer calculations and make a variable for total number of seconds. Double that and use that in a delay command.

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