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I have 5 macros and upon an error in the 2nd macro, Macro Express stops. Can someone point me to any topic that has steps or instructions that I can use to take care of this problem. Basically I want to do something that will make Macro Express proceed further with the third macro and so on.




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Please be more explicit on the type of error you are seeing. It makes a big difference on how to approach the problem.


On of the shortcomings of ME is that it doesn’t have good error handling. So if a file fails to move, and email address is invalid, or what have you it doesn’t have and error recovery that you can use script logic against. That being said I’ve never had an ME error that I couldn’t use some ME cleverness to work around. Most require logging attempts at certain actions before then checking on restart if it failed or not and taking some action. However like I said before the way to approach this varies greatly depending on the type of error.


Also about 50% of the errors can be avoided by writing some script that checks some things first. For instance if you have a huge list of email addressed write a simple macro that checks the validity of the email addresses first before running your main email macro.

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I've attached a .zip file containing 2 macros to allow you generically to "continue on error". This works only when a macro aborts with an error message.


MacroLauncher uses a string value stored in the registry to determine which macros you want to run. This string needs to be in the format:

macro1/macro2/macro3 etc.

It doesn't matter whether the last named macro is terminated with / or not.


MacroError should be disabled (MacroLauncher will enable and disable it as needed).


In order for this to work properly, you need to do this first as per Kevin's suggestion in an earlier posting:

Options / Preferences / Scheduler / Timer Interval Check Every 1 seconds


I've commented MacroLauncher so that you can see how it works, which variables it uses, and where the registry keys it uses are located. Each named macro should be able to abort in only one way, otherwise my concept won't work.


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