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Moving Between Two Windows


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Not sure how to go about this but here goes. I have created a macro that will launch my Internet Window Browser and logon to a FTP site (no problems here). Then I need to launch a program to run an extract program which will create me an export file (no problem with this).


The problem I have is, now that I have created my export file....I need to copy this export file to the Internet Explorer FTP site.


How do I go from my Windows Explorer (this is where I copied the export file) and then go back to my Internet Window Browser that is already logon to my ftp site to copy my extract file too?


I just don't know the command to go from Windows Explorer to Internet Window Browser.

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It sounds like you want the Activate Window command. In the Activate/Launch dialog select 'Activate Window Only' and then enter the window title. You may want to save the window title in a variable and then use the variable in the 'Window Title: ' field.

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i agree with Cory. In this case, it may actually be easier to write a simple .cmd or .vbs that would execute the local ftp.exe command. You can pass it parameters such as the logon user and password, changing to subdirectories and uploading and/or downloading files via a control file.

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