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Inadequate Schedule Option


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Many times, I need to schedule the run of a macro in MacroExpress 3.5b in a way similar to the below scenerio:


Monthly clean up of prefetch folder.

Weekly backup using a backup program.


But I can't seem to correctly schedule the above using ME.


I don't switch on my PC 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So scheduling a macro to be executed exactly at particular time (say 7 a.m.) is not practical (I don't know what day in a month and what time in a day) I might turn ON my PC. (But I am sitting in front of my PC almost every day for at least 8 hours)


What I wish is to run something once in a month or week (if I haven't done so).

I don't see any way I can schedule that with ME?


Any suggestion?



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you can save in the registry or in an INI file the last date you cleaned up, have your macro launched daily for instance, and compare the current date with the "last operation" date ... if it was not a long time ago, you quit ! else (> 30 days) you do what you have to do and you update the "last operation" date in the registry

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Sorry for this late reply, I was a bit busy for the pass few days...

Thanks Nicolas and Icebox for your suggestion!

I was thinking of using a temp file to do the trick before I post...


Anyway, I strongly urge the author of ME to enhance the ME ability in the scheduling area. Especially to allow scheduling a macro to run "Once" within a duration of time/date (not a prticular point of time), better still if there is function to quickly write, retrieve, update and remove a counter/variable value to a file or registry (which is hidden from user, mantained by ME itself). This shall make life much easier!





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