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Macro For Deleting Text Leaving First Letter


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Hi there


This is probably easy but I wonder if anyone can help.


In Macro express I need to be able to place my cursor in front of a word and then have a macro that deletes all of the text of that word leaving only the first letter intact.


So, for example I place my cursor in front of Patrick, activate macro and only P is left. I move onto another word Michael activate macro and only M is left and so on. I do not need a macro to navigate from word to word, I do that manually.


Thanks for any help



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Ah, simple. Do atext type to Shift+Ctrl+Right_Arrow to highlight the entire word. Then cut it to your clipboard and copy only the first letter to the variable. Then just paste it back. These are fun ones.


Clipboard Cut
Variable Set String %T1% from Clipboard
Variable Modify String: Copy Part of %T1% to %T1%
Variable Modify String: Save %T1% to Clipboard
Clipboard Paste


<TEXTTYPE:<SHIFT><CONTROL><ARROW RIGHT><SHIFT><ARROW LEFT>><CLIPT><TVAR2:01:03:><TMVAR2:10:01:01:001:001:><TMVAR2:16:01:00:000:000:><CLIPP>

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