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Just got a screaming new computer and upgrades from Office 2003 to Office 2007 at the the same time. I still have my old PC w/ Office 2003 installed and have seen some differences in the way macros run on the new fast machine (w/ Office 2007) and the old slow machine (w/ Office 2003).


I've been inserting delays here and there to try and make things work better, but one of the things I think would be very helpful is if I could slow ALL of ME3 down, all keystrokes, all mouse clicks, for all macros.


I've already set the global Text Type Delay preference to 5000 microseconds. That has helped some. But there are still plenty of odd behaviors that show up on the new machine, but not the old (running the same macros)>


Does ME3 support some kind of global slow-the-heck-down setting?



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You might want to check out the script command Macro Playback Speed. I'm not sure if it will do what you want but it's worth checking into.


On thing that I've noticed in my change of techniques over the years is that if i have explicit delays in my script I feel I'm doing something wrong. Sometimes it's easier to address a timing issue by inserting a 2 second delay but as you have found not all machines act the same way and it doesn't always work. Whenever possible you should find smart ways to control timing. By that I mean "Wait for File Ready or Wait for Control Visible. Things like that.

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I'm also going through these "growing" pains, and as Cory suggested here, I have been trying to get processes to be a little more aware of what they are doing by waiting for cues. However it has been hit and miss because not all programs allow you to set controls or even allow ME to recognize the presence of a visible/focused window.


I have a Window "A" that gets opened and closed all day, however Window "A"'s name does not appear in the list inside ME. I have no idea how to add it and just typing in the name of Window "A" does not work. There is a menu in this window that ME does recognize when I drag the Get Control Utility target over it and I have been somewhat successful in making the macro wait for that.

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