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Issue With Activating Excel Windows


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Hi all!


I have multiple files open in Excel, and I want to go from a different application to a specific window open in Excel.


Activate or Launch: "ReferringProviders" OR "ReferringProviders.xls"


I have specified the exact file and the exact window, when launching this file from scratch, it opens the correct window, but if I switch applications and there is a different file open in the foreground of Excel, it will not switch to the file I want.


I just can't figure it out. Any tips?

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Rusty, know exactly what you mean. Our company utilizes excel with many different spreadsheets and other applications we have to move back and forth between.


The only way we have been able to get around this is to open each spreadsheet in a seperate excel. Once two or three are open (along with other applications they automatically "stack" on the task bar so you don't see 4 or 5 different sessopms pf excel open, but there are.


Open the first by opening the file and/or double clicking on an icon, etc. The for the second and consecutive speadsheets needed open go to Start and open a new excel. You can then use macro express commands to always find the correct spreadsheet you need.



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1- Excel v. 11.0.8142.0


2- Not a particular workbook sheet, however, that would also be some very handy knowledge to have. Right now I am trying to isolate a file open in Excel.



I checked my prefs and "Windows in Taskbar" was enabled. You didn't specify what state you recommend this be.



Nice workaround! But a little complicated because there are going to be 10 different people (paid hourly) using this macro file and not all are that... motivated to jump through too many hoops to get this working.


Thanks everyone!

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Uhhhhh.... Well the option is a check box so if you see one item in the taskbar for all open Excel files do it the other way... :-)


But to answer your question if it's checked teh individual open files appear as "Windows in Taskbar". That is multiple windows and therefore multiple icons on the taskbar. But of course they can still stack but I don't think that effects what you want ot do with ME.

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You said: 2 - Not a particular workbook sheet, however, that would also be some very handy knowledge to have.


Here is what I did. It's probably a long way around Robin Hood's barn, but it gets the job done.


I open my excel spreadsheet. I have multiple sheets with data on them and want to copy/paste or move between them as necessary.


To do this you need the sheet tab NAMES in variables. Let's say I'm in Sheet1 and want to go to Sheet9, I just have ME do the following:




%T33% is the name of the sheet, the A is the column I want it to go to and %T22% is the cell number. The !, $ are the excel requierments for finding a certain position. (I actually got the idea for this from a comment Cory said about something, thanks Cory)


If you don't want to type the Sheet tab names into a variable you can have the macro grab them by doing the following:


<REM2:Start Copy worksheet name><MSD:150><TEXTTYPE:<ALT>o><MSD:50><TEXTTYPE:h><MSD:50><TEXTTYPE:r><MSD:50><TEXTTYPE:<CTRLD>c<CTRLU>><MSD:50><TVAR2:33:03:><MSD:50><TEXTTYPE:<ARROW RIGHT>><MSD:50><TEXTTYPE:<NUMENTER>><REM2:End Copy worksheet name>


Hope this helps or gives you your own ideas,


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