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Info On Copying Large Amounts Of Data


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I am trying to capture by using Ctrl c (with control down and up commands), also tried clipboard copy, of say 1,000 to 1,500 lines and four columns of data from one Excel worksheet to another worksheet. I can't seem to get more than 150 to 200 lines to print in the new worksheet without getting garbage after that; and doing that garbage on one line.


I have tried assigning the copy to a variable and printing using the variable, (that takes forever, but still only goes so far) I've tried copying and pasting using the clipboard. Nothing! Anyone have any ideas.


Thanks, John

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There must be something wrong. I routinely copy huge amounts of Excel data and don’t usually have a problem.


Hint: If you want to highlight ranges in Excel use the F5 command. Works brilliant in ME.


When you copy tables of data from an Office app it will be in the format of a tab separated value file with tabs and CRLF on the ends of lines. If I were you I would copy the clipboard to a variable and write that to a file. Then open that file with a hex editor. When you get to the point where it’s going wrong see what’s different.


Otherwise you would need to post an example with instructions so one of use could see where you are going wrong.

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Thanks for your reply. I went back and went line by line and really couldn't find anything wrong. So because you said you copied large amounts of info all the time I figured I had something wrong. Anyway...after proofing and proofing what I finally noticed was that once I copied the data using the clipboard, the macro sent me to the next worksheet and before it would paste it would do a text type of variable %T1%, arrow right and then paste. The only thing between the copy and paste commands was the printing of that variable. I took the command out to do the T1 text type and BINGO! my data pasted. Why I don't understand why, evidently the printing of the vairable uses clipboard?, but I get my data to paste now; and I do my Text type for the T1 after the pasting. Works like a charm.



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Sorry, bad choice of words. I had the variable %T1% in a text type command. %T1% was a value completely unrelated to the data being copied and pasted.


The macro would copy from one worksheet, go to the other worksheet, then text type the value of %T1% into say cell A1, arrow right and then do the clipboard paste of the data from the previous worksheet. Which didn't work.


When I took out that Text Type command of putting in the value of %T1% into cell A1, and went directly to clipboard paste, my data pasted. :rolleyes:


I now have the command to print the %T1% value do it's thing after doing the paste. Again, Thanks.

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