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Not really. Al least I don't think for what you want to do. Think of it this way... ME just types the keyboard and takes actions on your behalf. So or the same reason you can’t type simultaneously in Excel and Word ME can’t operate in two apps at the same time. But one can interact directly with controls and switch quickly between apps. For instance I can have a macro that waits for control C1 in a minimized application that will take some data from it without changing the minimized state, go to a minimized version of Calculator, do some calculations and push the results back to a control but I don’t think that will work for your game. However you might be able to have it sit and monitor for something then quickly switch to the game, do something, and switch focus back to what you were working on. I have some apps like this for clients that wait for files to exist then take action. But they warn the user by making an alarm sound so they know to stop typing for a second while the macro asks some questions.

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