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Okay..thats why. Thanks..


maybe I should ask different.


I have copyed this to clipboard:




dghdsghdhjdhjd dsjhdhjdjhdhjdjh

sjhdshjdhjdhjdhjdjk Objects XXX sdhjsdfjkdskjfhjd

ashdgash sadjkashdjksdkajsld



What I need is to FIND and get XXX into a variabel. XXX is a number from 1-999.

Objects is a word that always exist in the copy text.


How to do that??

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I use the Set Integer to position of text in variable. Then add an offset to that number and the use the Copy Part of Text. So in your example I would get the position of “Objects” in the var, N1, then add 8 to get to the first X. Then Copy part of text T1 to T2 from position N1 and take 3 characters.

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