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Input data into Excel cell on Sheet1


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I have an Excel workbook open with data already populated on say...4 sheets. If I have my macro running and it needs to put information into say cell A1600 on Sheet one, whenever it does that, the same information shows up in the same cell in Sheet 2, 3 and 4 also. How can I prevent this. I've tried doing a text type with the information (ie: the word CONTINUE) I've tried putting the word CONTINUE into a variable and text typing the variable, and also pasting the variable from clipboard.


Anyone have any ideas what I may be doing wrong...or what options I may need to change in excel?




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That doesn't sound right. I do stuff likethis all the time and don't have teh problem. Could you post an example with a small sample macro for me to debug?


Thoughts: You dont' have worksheets but rather multiple 'views' open of the same spreadsheet. Or you have an =sheet1!A1 kind of formula. But I think you're clever enough to recognize these problems.

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