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Clearing a Variable

interactive dj

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Just an observation - now that I have over come the problem which was:

I had a loop which needed to pick the file name of a file add it to a variable then go round the loop again until I said stop.

Here is my test macro

<TVAR2:14:01:><REP3:08:000001:000001:0019:0:01:B><TVAR2:19:01:""><MENU2:2:T:19:CenterCenter:Adding email file attachmentsDo you wish to ADD one or more attachmentsYes

No/FinishedT><TVAR2:20:09:Email attachment file><TMVAR2:07:14:00:000:000:%T20%><DIS:<CLEARVAR1:T:20:20><DIS:<TVAR2:20:01:""><ENDREP><TBOX4:T:1:CenterCenter000278000200:000:Testing Attachment string%T14%>


What I have found is that clearing a test string using set variable to ""

and Clearing a variable have different results on the command to set a variable to a file name.


The problem was if i used set varaible to "" (ie null string) the command set variable to file name would not appear and return a null string


It took me ages to think of using the Clear variable command


So these are my comments so others might not fall into the same hole.



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