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Running macro with multiple windows


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What I am trying to accomplish is having a repeating macro function in a client window whether it is minimized or other windows are on top of it. So far I have figured how to specify not to run the macro on any window except for a specified window, so that helps as far as interfering with other windows, however it ceases the action in the specified window if the specified window is not on top.


Is this fixable? If so, help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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As with most things in life 'it depends'. If you are interacting with controls you can do it without having the window visible and focused. But generally if you want to do something like typing text in Word it needs to have focus. An example of control interaction is illustrated in the sample macros where one uses an instance of Windows Calculator which is minimized. Even though it is minimized you can click buttons and do calculations easily and return the result to ME. Another way I often have a program do things while not focused is to use the program’s command line switch. For instance you might have a program called TextEdit and a command line might be “%programfiles%\tEdit\textedit.exe /c:testmessage.txt /p” where the /p is the switch for print. This would cause the program to print the document without the user ever seeing anything. So I guess the answer is ‘sometimes’ and it depends on what it is you’re trying to do.


It’s a curiosity of this forum... People ask general questions but often the answer relies on specifics. If you give a more detailed description of what it is you’re trying to do maybe I can help more.

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