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Using F8 in Debug


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I'm a new user with a question regarding debug. When I use F8 to step through a macro with the 'change focus to previous window' option on, is there any setting or program commands which would change the timing regarding how long the program I'm running displays before it switches back to the Macro Express screen? My program flashes on the screen for a fraction of a second, not long enough for me to debug the program.


I need the 'change focus to previous window' option on. It did not work at all When trying it with it off and switching back and forth manually.


Thank you! Don

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I don't know about any settings, ISS guys could tell you that one, but generally when i use the switch option when F8ing and I need to see a little better what just happened I just ALT-TAB back to it manually, poke around a while and ALT-TAB back to ME and hit F8 again.

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