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how to group if/and statements?


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hey guys,


i'm trying to create a macro that requires that 3 sets of if conditions be fulfilled to keep going


for example:


if var n1 < 3


if var n2 > 3




if var n3 < 13


if var n4 > 13




if var n5 < n10


if var n6 > 92



that's an example, but how do i make sure that my sets of if statements are isolated and grouped?

when i use the direct editor, i'm getting the feeling that macro express isn't isolating them how i want, and i can't find a command similar to using parenthesis

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Except for the Else command, there is no grouping. Macro Express will do the Boolean tests in the order they are written using the results of the first test (True or False) to compare with the next test, and so forth. In your example, if the N1 AND N2 test pass then both the N3 AND N4 and N5 AND N6 tests will be ignored.

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