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Macro Express keeps crashing!


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Hi there peoples,


I run macro express 3.4b, build one, (this is from the About option).


I'm not sure what my OS is, but it's not 95 and it's not Vista, it's somewhere in between.


Recently, whenever I click on 'all categories' to view my whole list of macros, the program crashes. It gives me a little box that says 'fatal' error and asks me to report the error. But I can't fix it, I can't make it go away, and I really need to be able to view and organize all my macros.


Has anybody else come across this error? Is there any way to fix it?

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You're way behind in your version. If I were you I would start by upgrading to AKA 3.7a. Try that and post again if you're still haivng troubles. Also if it keeps happening you should open a support incident with ISS.

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