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I am needing to create more than one macro, I put them all together to run from one hot key and that did not work real well while I had a program running. My question is: Is there a way to create a macro so it will stop at the end and then restart again in like say 5 minutes, so in between the 5 minutes I can have another one run and stop and then run again in 5 minutes and then some. Any suggestions? Thank you

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Yes, use scheduled activation and set it to run every 5 minutes.



Thank you that worked perfectly...Now I have one more crossroad to cross. Is there any way to do this: I have a program running that has a pause button. I want it to hit pause at a certain time that the log box on the side says a certain string of words. Is there any way to do this? Also on the top blue bar of the program window it will say the same thing. Then I want it to left click pause. I already have the mouse move numbers in and the left click I just need to know how can I tell it to click at a certain time...The log and blue bar are changing all the time.

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