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No hints anymore in Macrobar


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Hi guys,


i love to start my macros with a click of the mouse. (I can´t remember all those Hotkeys. ;) ) So macrobars with a lot of icons are my thing. But i definitly need those yellow boxes (hints) with the name of that macro which normally appear while hovering with the mousepointer over it to stop me from starting the wrong one.




Unfortunately those hints do not appear anymore. What can i do?


Thank you



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Thank you guys. After rebooting my pc it does show the hints again now.


But i think its a shame that the hints are not showing if the window (macrobar) does not have focus. For example, if i worked with another window after activating the macrobar. Have you ever tried to activate the macrobar window without pressing a macrobar button? Very tricky!


The macrobar-window does constantly react if i put the mousepointer over it even while not active. (appearence of buttons changes). It should be possible to show the hints too, right?


I would need those feature for






I´ll start a new thread for that


Thank you



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