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I hope someone can help me with my big problem.

I can’t get the “control” to work in my macro. I want to check if an input text field in a form is active. The macro should go something like this. If it is active then do A else do B. It looks simple and should be simple but it won’t work.

When I use the “Get Control” the control class reads “ThunderRT6TextBox” so something is going on I just can’t figure out what!

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After defining the GC you should use the "If Control Enabled" condition to do what you want. Without seeing your script and the application it's diffficult to give you any troubleshooting advice. And exactly what is it not doing?

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I sure have a question. I have a database called ACT!. It is a popular contact management database. I have tried and tried to see how controls work with fields in which data is imputed, but I have had no success at it.


I have used "get Control" with the bullseye and it captured the text in the field, but gosh darnit, I have no idea what to do next. I want it to do something depending on what is put into the text. I could even limit it to dropdown lists only if it makes it simpler.


By the way, each field had within itself has "field triggers" in which a playable macro can be placed to trigger the control to go into action when the field is changed, but I am having one heck of a time knowing what to do next.


Here's an example of what I want to do. If a specific value in the field is chosen, run a text file with other information and when the text file matches, collect the data on that text line and paste the info into other cells.


It's very similar to automatic data entry in which oncwe a drop down list value is chosen then fill in some other fields with the dependent values.


Could you point me in the right direction too? ALL i need to know is how to collect the data from that field(when it changes)and get the rest of the macro to get going. I want the control to capture the text value in the field is what it boils down to.[color="#FF0000"][/color]

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In the sample macros and the ISS support website there's a tutorial on using Windows Controls using MS Calculator. Go do that and it will help you understand a lot. Controls are a bit difficult to understand at first but once you get into using them it opens up a lot of doors.


I had forgotten that ACT can fire a program from a field. But i would suggest that instead of using a playable macro you instead use the MEPROC. Look under the help for the Command Line Parameters page and the third paragraph. In a nutshell you use MEPROC like you would launch a macro from the command line but without all the overhead of reloading Macro Express. In my opinion the best way to launch macros from other apps.


As I see it you want to have launch a macro from ACT's utility and grab the contents of the field your in then take that and run with you macro to do the rest.

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