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Net Send Window Not Activating Me


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Greetings all,

Situation is this, I'm sending a messase to another computer via NET SEND. I want ME to activate a macro based on this window's title (Messenger Service).

I've set the macro up to look for the title (full and partial name). When it is found,

the macro is suppose to send an Enter then start another macro. My problem is it's not happening. Macro Express is not active but is present in the lower right corner of the computer(task bar). I can Remote into this computer and have ME notice the Remote Request window title while ME is in the task bar. Any suggestions will be great. Does NET SEND lock things out?


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Not sure what might going on with your setup but I was able to get my ME install to do what you are attempting to accomplish.


My first ME command activated the Messenger Service window and then typed <ENTER>. I was able to get the macro to work by both Window Title and Control on Top Activation methods. Maybe the Control Activation would work for you if the Window Title is not.

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