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Activate or Launch program using variable


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Hi ME Lovers:


Company programs/files are stored in files with the same paths except each employee has a unique folder based upon their name. So it's been hard to make a general macro to open or save a file using the macro. I tried using the Set Variable command to capture the Path to Desktop which shows "C:\Documents and Settings\jsmith\Desktop, and that works, putting it to variable T1.


I was hoping I could then modify the variable T1 to capture just the jsmith...which I can.


I then used the Activate/Launch Program command, set the Window Title: ORS comments (which is a notepad file)


And in Program Path/Name: put C:\Documents and Settings\%T1%\Desktop\Ors comments (I've tried it like this and with the extension.)


However, when I run the macro I get the error: The specified Program "Ors comments" could not be launched. The following error occured: The specified file was not found. The macro will abort.


I am assuming the %T1% variable isn't being read as jsmith by the Activate/Launch Program command.


Any ideas on what I am doing wrong...and/or an idea as to what new path to follow?




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