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MEX3 crashes constantly


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It would be great to get some help here


I´m trying to make my own programspecific context menus by using popup menus in Windows Default Style. I use another macro to activate those macros just to get and save the mouse coordinates up front in case i need the original ones for some macros. (By selecting a macro with a mouse those are destroyed)


This works fine. The context menu appears at the mouseposition and looks as good as build in :rolleyes:

But when i start other macros from that menu MEX3 crashes. I get lots of Window error messages or the runningman won´t stop. If i put the mousepointer over him most of the time a hint appears with the name of Popupmenu Macro. I thought this macro ends the moment i choose a macro from it !?!


That happens even with the simplest macros like copy to clipboard.


Thank you



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I thought this macro ends the moment i choose a macro from it !?!

It does stop. And unlike floating menus, popup menus can only be run one at a time, like a macro. Once a choice is made, the popup menu goes away and the chosen macro runs. Maybe it would be better to run floating (toolbar) style menus.

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