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I was trying to use the Hidewindow Command to hide an "errant" WinSock window.


I somewhat succeeded but it appears that the macro I created seems to hide any window (g) and not just that one. I clearly did something a bit too powerful.


Any help appreciated.

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I think I licked that problem - I activated it as a Window Command altho, I thought that I specified WinSock for the title but it seemed to close other open windows.


So, now, is there a way to get this macro to HIDE WinSock when it pops up automatically so that I don't have to intervene and run the macro? As you may be able to tell I am quite new to MacroExpress. But it comes closest to my beloved SmartKey as anything I've found for Windows.


Now if only I could create Shortcut Keys for the Alt and Ctrl keys as well as lower and upper case (G) I could recreate my SmartKey sets pretty completely.

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Thanks for the welcome.


Actually, it was not much....


I started by clicking on a blank line and was offered to create a new macro. Went for that. Then picked "Window Title" as the Activation method. Typed "WinSock" as the title and went for the Scripting Editor. There I only picked the one comand from the Windows' list. HideWindow and again typed "WinSock" as the response. Then I ran it.


WinSock did disappear but then so did MacroExpress. I could see it's button on the taskbar (not its icon in the Task TRAY) but there was NO Window. Clicking on that button got me a flash showing the window being restored but there was no window. It was still HIDDEN. Clicking again showed it again on the taskbar and again the flash but NO window. Maybe just a fluke??? Or maybe I should not have chosen an Activation Method initially, leaving that for the HideWindow command where I again picked WinSock.


I'm sure it was user error.


Are you programmer or just a very knowledgeable user who also wrote a book? (G)


Reason I ask is because it would be nice to allow Alt-key combinations for shortcut keys, too, along with the PREFIX key. It would double the number of hotkeys that could be used with the PREFIX key and come close to that old dos SmartKey program I mentioned above. (I still use it in a dos window for some repetitive tasks or numbering items or filling in data as well, as with my boilerplates in dos editors (G))


Thanks for the response.



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If the name of this macro contains the word "winsock", and if it is enabled, and if you attempt to launch the Macro Express editor, then the editor will disappear. Why? Well, based on what you posted, a macro was created that will fire whenever a window that contains the word "winsock" gains focus. The window title of the editor includes the name of the macro that you are editing.


If this is not the case, then more details will be needed.




To answer your question about me: yes, I am a programmer and a Macro Express user. And although I did write a book about Macro Express, I would not consider myself an author ... so to all of you Anne McCaffreys, Clive Cusslers, Dean Koontzs, and Stephen Kings out there, your jobs are safe.


As to "knowledgeable"; if I know the answer to a question, then yes. If not, then no. In my 30 years of programming, I have learned that there is more of the latter than the former.




You can do with a HotKey macro what you intended a ShortKey to do. Using your example, simply create one that is activated by Ctrl+G or Ctrl+Shft+G. Inside the macro, use the Text Type command to do whatever the ShortKey would have done.

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