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I have written a macro that will open a crystal form, run the crysal, print the output to a pdf file, and close the crystal. On my laptop, this works great.


I would like to duplicate the same thing on a terminal server session. The macro will kick off, but the prompts are not coming up in the expected timeframes so the macro aborts. It works when I am actually logged and I can see the window. However, if I have the window minmized or I close the while keeping the session active, it errors.


Any advice?

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Hello K_H!


There was another discussion back in September last year on the subject of Terminal Services. Personally I have found that working macros over thin-nets is tricky but doable. What is seen locally may not be what is displayed on the server, and vice-versa. It is very easy to get confused on whether the host or remote station is doing the work, which means that the macro will get confused. My suggestion is to contact support at Insight Software Solutions to go over your specific macro, and what is going wrong, so they can help you.

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Hi, I did not find in the discussion the reply I got from Insight (nor did I find it in my mailbox anymore, either *blush*) but nevertheless, the answer I got was: Currently ME does not run as a Windows services and thus any actions taking place when a user is Not logged on will fail.


I got a promise that this feature will be a candidate for a future Release.

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