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I'm an experienced programer, but a MacroExpress newbie- trying to get used to the limitations inherent in working with a macro language rather than a full programming language B)


I have a question: How does the Macro Stop command work in nested macros?


That is, Macro A calls Macro B. Macro B calls Macro Stop:


Do both macros end, or does control just pass back to Macro A? In the later case, does Macro A get any built-in signal that Macro B terminated prematurely, or do I need to add a return status variable?


Thanks for your help,



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Hiya Linda, welcome to the forum!


Macro Stop immediately terminates macro execution. In other words, in your example both macros would stop.


There is another command, Macro Return, which kicks out of a single macro as soon as it is encountered. This works the same as flowing off the end of a macro. You wind up at the command after the Macro Run in the calling Macro with no indication that premature termination has occurred (so yes, you'd need a status variable to tell the difference between flowing off the end and Macro Return).




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