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How to get to the previous process/window?


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Actually i like Floating Menus because i can perform my macros with a click on a customized icon without the need to memorize keycommands. But now i have some tiny macros which make sense to run even in different applications.


Those macros do not begin with an “Activate window” – Command. I thought they will naturally perform in the active window. The one i was working in. Well, was is the point. The moment i click on the floating menu this one becomes the active window and nothing happens because my macro runs in the floating menu, i guess. How do i tell MEX to go to the window/process which was active/got focus right before clicking on the floating menu. Any idea?


I thought of Text-Typing Alt+Tab or Shift+Alt+Tab but because of an ALT+Tab Replacement Tool i installed this works very slow. I hope there is a command in MEX3 to go to the previous task.


Thank you very much.



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