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How to activate a macro in the library from outside.


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As explained in the book "MEX3 Explained" on Page 106 the correct synthax/path to activate a macro from the library is


"C:\Program Files\Macro Express3\MeProc.exe"/A


You place the name of the macro directly (without Space) after the A. I´m not so sure about the quotes. I tried out with and without them. I get an "Could not open File"- Error always. (I made a hyperlink in MS Word and put in the path as the target.)


By the way, why gets my path manipulated by 20%strings etc.


Does anyone has an idea?


Thank you



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I have a macro named "Scratch Pad" and this is the command I would use:


"C:\Program Files\Macro Express3\meproc.exe" /AScratch Pad


Since the path to ME has spaces you need to wrap it in quotes.


%20? Link in Word? This sounds like you're trying to launch it from a hypertext link in a web page. Usually when I see %20 is when people use spaces in names or paths on the Internet. The space is an illegal character so systems substitute %20. For instance if I post a file with a space in the name your browser will display a %20 in the path instead. Start by typing your command in to the run line above the start menu. Or use the Win+R keyboard shortcut if you have Vista which removed it.

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Hi Cory,


i am very glad you are here :rolleyes:



I have this tiny macro called "Google" so i put in (as a target in the hyperlink)


„C:\Programme\Macro Express3\MeProc.exe“/AGoogle (Programme is German for Program Files)


When clicking on the link i got the error message. Checking the path in the link i see:




So C:\ has become C:/ and i have the %20 added. ?!?


This works also not in the run window, although i get a different message: "C:\Programme\Macro could not be found.


This looks like it has something to to do with space. But what exactly?


Do your macros run from Word?


I would like to describe a workflow in word with some macros accessable from the text via hyperlinks on the way. Wouldn´t that be nice? :P


Thank you, once more.



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You're missing a space between the EXE path and the parameter. As I see it what is and should be is:

„C:\Programme\Macro Express3\MeProc.exe“/AGoogle

"C:\Programme\Macro Express3\MeProc.exe“ /AGoogle

If you put this in your run line I am sure it will work. Trick is to get it to work their first then move on to other problems.


As for running it from a link in a Word document I'm not so sure.... I will tell you one can not pass program parameters like that in a hyperlink. I'm thinking you need to create a Word macro that runs form a button click in line with the text or something like that. But maybe you could create a simple batch file and write a hypertext link to it. I'll have to think about that. It's an intriguing idea to launch macros form a hypertext link.


You might also look into using an OLE embedded object.

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This looks correct.

"C:\Programme\Macro Express3\MeProc.exe“ /AGoogle

But if something is changing spaces to %20 then it sounds like you are entering this into the address bar of a browser. This is not a link. You cannot run a macro from a link or hyper-link. You can run a macro from a Windows shortcut or from the Windows Run dialog.

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You're missing a space between the EXE path and the parameter.


Absolutely, i could not recognize this space in the book. But even


„C:\Programme\Macro Express3\MeProc.exe“ /AGoogle


(with space) leads to the same result. It does not work in the run window. Because of the error-message:


"C:\Programme\Macro could not be found" i think it has something to do that the path contains already space:


Macro Express3

as this is where the message ends.


but your macros are working in the run window, right?


Very strange.


Thank you.



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If it has spaces in the path you need to put it in quotes...

Linguistics question: Is the upside down quotes some sort of international thing? Like the upside down question mark before a question in Spanish? I don't think I've ever seen that before. But then again Germans use a weird looking Bs for two Ss.

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Linguistics question: Is the upside down quotes some sort of international thing?


:lol:Congratulation! WE HAVE A WINNER HERE! :lol:


The german quotes begins down and ends up. As i designed the path in MS Word German and copied it in the run window it did not work. Every quote there has to be up.


Nevertheless i´m disapointed. :(


I guess you Cory and Kevin are right. Putting the path in a hyperlink in Word does not work. I´m not 100% sure about. I experience problems entering the correct path. (At least now i know which path is correct)


I want those macroactivating hyperlinks in word. And i want them bad. :angry: This would be awesome.

Can you/somebody me explain what exactly is the problem?


As long i have a workaround:

Export the needed macros as a Playable File (.mxe). The MEX3 Editor supports multiple selection/export as .mxe of macros.

Make a word-hyperlink to that file. It works. Unfortunately a nasty Security Window in Word appears. To get rid of that one you:


  • Open the windows explorer
  • Go to Extras (left from ?)
  • Folderoptions
  • Filetypes
  • Select the Filetype MXE
  • Press Advanced (or similar)
  • Uncheck "Confirm after download"
  • --- Done ---

Have fun with Macros activated via MS Word!


As Kevin pointed out those commandlines work in Windows-Shortcuts as well! So this may make those Floating Menus less important.



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Don´t know what you mean with disaster.


I can launch .exe files, .mxe files and a lot more from word. Why not those macros directly from the library i programmed myself?


What´s the MAJOR Security issue/difference?


As you are from ISS i would like to say that i´m very, very happy i figured out this workaround made possible by your playable macro-feature. Do i get a T-Shirt now? :rolleyes:





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What´s the MAJOR Security issue/difference?

There are appropriate ways to run a program, and consequently run a macro, from Windows. You can activate macros using a variety of techniques. It is a security risk to have a feature do something it was not intended to do. Hyperlinks were not designed to run macros or programs. If something allows a hyperlink to run a macro or a program then it is a security risk.


For more information about security I suggest you visit security related forums and websites. This is beyond the scope of this forum.

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