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Some of you will notice that I've closed a handful of topics to further discussion. This is my first step in bringing civility and common sense back to the forum before it gets too far out of hand.


The next step, which will happen shortly, is to delete some individual posts. Which posts? Well, those that serve no other purpose but to impugn the integrity of others, and those that attempt to thread-jack topics. Neither situation can be tolerated. And they won't be. I've already waited too long to take action.


This forum is unmoderated and I intend to keep it that way for as long as possible.


Please consider the following before posting something:

  • The problem you are posting about is important. But it is more important to you than it is to others. Human nature. When creatures from, say, Alpha Centauri start posting, it will no longer be human nature, but for now it is. We all want to help, but not nearly as badly as you want help.
  • When you post a problem, keep your post as short as possible. Again ... human nature. Long posts tend to get ignored ... too much work involved, I guess.
  • Rule of thumb: one post equals one problem. The best way to confuse an issue is to mix other problems with it.
  • The answer or suggestion you get back may not be to your liking. Or it might be. Who knows? The point is, someone is trying to help and you should respect that.
  • Most people cannot read minds. This is a *very* fortunate thing. So, if you think that people don't understand your particular problem, then maybe the problem needs to be stated differently.
  • Personal attacks. On any forum you will find people that will grate your nerves because you don't think they understand your problem. Your choices are to ignore them, ask for a clearer answer, or attempt to win them over to your point-of-view. Your choices DO NOT include, impugning their integrity, questioning their heritage, or ... fill in the blanks. You get the idea.

After this, I will no longer give a warning before deleting a post. However, I will give you fair warning if you are about to be banned.


This community has grown exponentially since its meager beginnings back in 2004, when it was converted from a mailing list to a forum. My intention is to keep it growing. The more participating members there are, the better for everyone involved. So, don't make be ban anyone.


This post is closed to further discussion.

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