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I've looked in both the help-file and in this forum but I have'nt found the answer to this.

If I have checked both hotkey and Schedule and I start the macro with the hotkey slightly before the scheduled time, what happends when the macro is finished running with the hotkey. Does the macro start once more because the time for schedule did occur while the macro was running?

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I wasn't sure so I wrote a simple test. If you fire the macro manually before and the scheduled run time passes and then the macro ends the macro will fire again.


Correction: It depends. If your macro is scheduled to fire at 0900 and you fire the macro at 0859:30 and let it run for 60 seconds to 0930:30 it will fire again. If you let it run for 120 seconds (0931:30) it will not. As i see it if the macro wakes up and the scheduler checks the time and it's a match it runs. Also I believe this would depend on what the scheduler interval is set to.

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As I recall seeing in the help-file the accuracy of the schedule time isn't dead on. In this case my macro runs for a couple of hours and I want to be certain that the macro don't fires of again at the same day. (Only once per day). But it seems that you're test shows that it will not, so I guess I can relax.


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