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How to get input from website to Macro Express


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Hello, I am trying to get information input by a user on my website to get transfered to Macro Express. The transfered information would then be input into a set macro and then the macro would run. If anyone has any help on how to get this transfer of information completed, please let me know!




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How are you planning on transferring the information?


If you want Macro Express to read the information from the web page itself, you can simply assign the information to variables.


If you want Macro Express to read the information from a file created by the users input, than you can use the ASCII File Process commands.

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Not sure how much help this will be, but I'm also looking into how to achieve this using MacroExpress. Currently, my idea is as follows.

1. The website user (which would be one of our customers) types their order into a form on our website.

2. Upon completion, the user clicks send, and the details of their order are emailed to us in tab delimited format.

3. When the email arrives in Outlook, Outlook automatically saves the text of the email to a set folder (For example C:\Orders). I'm thinking of using the Rules feature in Outlook to accomplish this step.

4. MacroExpress is monitoring the C:\Orders folder by means of a scheduled macro running every 10 seconds. When any file appears in C:\Orders, MacroExpress detects it, and then runs various macros on it. These macros would do things such as enter the details of the parts into our internal order system, and create the machine programs needed to produce the parts.

5. When all the macros have been run on the text file, MacroExpress would move it from the C:\Orders, to C:\Completed Orders, and then go back to monitoring C:\Orders for new orders arriving from our website.

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