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Remove Close Button From Floating Menu

Dave Forbes

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You cannot remove or disable the close button on the floating menu. However, have you thought about creating a macro that runs when Macro Express loads and have that macro enable the floating menu?


To do this:

1. Create a Scheduled Macro

2. For the schedule, choose either 'At Startup' or 'Load File'

3. In the macro put a 'Macro Enable: floating menu' command (substitute 'floating menu' with the name of your floating menu macro)


The 'At Startup' option will run the macro when Macro Express first runs. If Macro Express is automatically loaded when Windows is loaded (see Options, Preferences, Startup, Run on Windows Startup), then the macro will run when Windows is loaded.


The 'Load File' option will run the macro whenever the macro file containing the macro is loaded into Macro Express. If you only use one macro file then the schedule option 'Load File' will work the same way as the 'At Startup' option. However, if you use multiple macro files, then this option will cause the 'enable floating menu' macro to run each time the macro file is loaded.

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