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I'm running a macro that has an ASCII process which acquires T10-T15. In the middle of this macro another macro is called to run and in that macro I am saving T1. When this is all done, I'm emailing information using all variables, (T1, T10-T15). My problem is that I am not returning T1 in my text. T1 is a Set Text String Variable and obviously wrong choice. Suggestions? Thanks


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Then something within your macro is resetting the T1 variable to "" (empty).


All variables in Macro Express are global in scope. It does not matter in which level within a chain of callable macros the variable is set or reset. All other macros, up-and-down the calling chain will use the same variable and variable value. In other words, you may have an unlimited number of macros calling other macros, but they will all use the same T1-T99, N1-N99, and D1-D99 set of finite variable tags.


This will be true for as long as the current macro session is running. Once a new macro session is fired, all variables are immediately set back to their default empty or zero values. A macro session starts when a macro, or chain of macros, begins execution and ends when it, or they, stop.


There is a way to pass variable values to the next macro session, but that is a different subject.

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