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Focus/Click/Select any buttons or text boxes within a webpage


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The text box may be in a different place, depending on some random factor.


-> Mouse clicks and Tab's aren't going to reach it reliably


Let's also pretend there is no text in front of this box that is searchable, or the text may be moved, or some other reason that Searching won't work.


For example, I want to capture this text from an IE window:



<input type="text" name="NameofTextBox" size="42" value="insert text here">




Why can't we simply have the Control Capture utility find the control "NameofTextBox" within IE? or anything else in Internet Explorer/Opera/etc...



I'm looking for any help!

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Unfortunately, web pages do not contain window controls. They are actually rendered as graphics. If there is nothing that is reliably in place every time (e.g. text before box, screen location etc...), than Macro Express will not be able to reliably move to desired location.



where can I make suggestions for program updates? I can't imagine capturing the text boxes and buttons would be that hard as each one has a pre-defined name attached to it in the HTML.

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