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Trigger using a shortkey


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I am interested to find out how to use a macro to save a file and assign a shortkey to that file without having to go into Macro Express to do it.


Here's my idea:


1) I am using a window title to trigger a macro to a) save the file to text B) I would save the name of the text file with a unique name that would cause macro express to know that it needs to be assigned a shortkey from THAT file name.


Real life idea:


Window title comes up. Save the text file using the person's name that I type in, but I put the word "processing in the saved file name to trigger macro to assign it the save file name(person's name) as a way of performing some other macro operation. If I am not clear, please ask... I am still a newbee at this!

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Your shortkeys are limited to 10 characters. You also have shortkeys lite that can use more characters. Can these two work together for more characters? Why is Macro Express only limited 10 10 characters? You mean the free version of shortkeys can use more characters than the paid version of Macro Express?



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