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DELETE A POST -- How to???


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Dec 18, 2007






How are you?




How can I delete a post a made?


Is there any way to do this?




I was making a NEW TOPIC.


I hit the POST button to POST the NEW TOPIC.


Nothing happened.


I hit the POST button a few more times.




I then checked the forum and found that

the same POST was made several times.






(1) It would be helpful if:

after you hit the POST button,

a message came up instantly---

telling you the message was in

the process of being POSTED.


Then, when the POSTING was completed,

a message came back and said:



(2) It would be helpful if the person making a post

could delete his post.

This would be especially useful if no one has

made any replies yet.



Thanks a lot for your help!


David Weiss


Help Yourself - Help Others - Help the Environment

Reduce Stress - Reach Goals - Be in a Better Mood



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I don't use the Codebox tags, but I will check with Invision to see if they can help. In the mean time, use the Wrap in code tags icon instead. It is right above this edit box (last in the line). Just move your mouse over the icons and you will see the names of them.


I appreciate the suggestions, but as to deleting posts, well ... it's best to let the system administrator do it.


Also, when you post a reply, it is like going to a new web page: sometimes it will happen instantly while at other times it seems to drag on forever. Either way, just hit the post button once. The status bar at the bottom of your browser should display the progress of the posting.

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