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Macro Doesn't Run On Startup


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I have a laptop with a external monitor connected. In order only to use the external monitor I have to press [ctrl] + [alt] + [f1].


I have downloaded the latest macro express and want to see if it can do the trick for me.


But the macro doesn't run when Windows starts. If I run it manually it works like a charm.


What is wrong?


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On some systems Windows is not ready to allow macros to run as soon as Macro Express is loaded. Try the option to delay loading Macro Express found in Options | preferences | Startup. Make sure the checkbox on the line under "Run on Windows' Startup" that says:

[ ] Wait for [ ] seconds


is checked and enter some number of seconds. I would try a high value at first like 45 seconds. If it works, reduce the number of seconds down until you reach a more acceptable value.

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