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Several hotkeys don't work in Windows XP Pro SP2 with ME v3.7a


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Does anyone have experience with this hotkey problem, or should I report it as a bug?


I just got a new PC and moved my macro express mex file to the new PC.

The old PC was running Windows XP Pro SP1. The new PC is running SP2. Both PC's used macro express version 3.7a.


Four of my macros which worked correctly on the old PC do not run on the new PC. I ultimately determined that the problem is that these hotkeys are not activating the macros:






When I changed the hotkeys for the non-operating macros, the macros worked. control-alt-F5 works fine as a hotkey. (Even control-alt-F6 works fine as a hotkey, even though macro express warns that control-alt-F6 is reserved by Windows and that the hotkey may not function correctly.)


What is special about control-alt-F1 through F4 that these don't invoke the macros on SP2, and how can it be fixed?

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We don't see this often, but we have heard of it before. There are three possibilities that I can think of right off. The first is that there is another program running that uses these hotkey. It is also possible that this software came pre-installed on the computer if this is the case.


The second option is that some computers (mostly laptops) hard code some keyboard combinations. If this is the case, there is unfortunately nothing can be done.


The last option pertains to custom keyboards. If you are using a non-standard keyboard, this could also cause this issue.

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