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Announcement: Macro Express v 3.7c released


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Macro Express v 3.7c has been released that fixes several bugs including the popup menu bug first discovered in v 3.7b. Other changes were made to make Macro Express more stable. Changes include:

  • Added a feature to limit the size of the Default Error Log file.
  • Added some code to detect differences in the requested sizes of the shared configuration memory.
  • Fixed a bug in the syntax checker that would report a mismatched Or/And/Xor statement if the If..Or/And/Xor..If block was broken up with a comment.
  • Fixed a bug where popup menus would corrupt the internal memory structure of a macro that is launched from the menu.
  • If an older version is installed on top of a newer version the toolbar settings are deleted from the registry.

View a complete list of changes.


Note that minor version number updates are free for those who own a Macro Express 3 license.

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It is a know issue that if you install an older version of Macro Express on top of Macro Express v 3.7c without uninstalling then you will get a crash. Uninstall Macro Express v 3.7c then install the earlier version. You will have to reenter your license.


Another alternative is to make sure that Macro Express is not running and using My Computer/Windows Explorer navigate to the folder where the Macro Express Program Files are installed and double-click on 'macdef' or 'macdef.exe'. This program will delete all the preferences from the registry.


sending keys into windows works not very well in this build
Please contact support and describe this comment further. As far as we know Macro Express v 3.7c works as well or better than previous versions. If there is a problem we would like to investigate it so we can correct it.
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ok, thanks...


been running 3.5.e for a long time...and have had no problem with sending keys to apps...like ctrl+shift etc...

but in this version it works sometimes...


i did send the scheduling bug to the support for a long time ago, nothing has changed regarding this...so i dont know


anyway thanks for reply

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