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Problem with macro sometimes not releasing CTRL / ALT / SHIFT key...


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I sometimes have a problem with Macro Express not releasing the CTRL key after performing a macro that uses CTRL+key. So when the CTRL key gets stuck in the down state like this, I have to manually press the CTRL key again to fix it. The macro does complete, however. This can also happen to other keys such as ALT / SHIFT. Anyone else have this problem?


Using Macro Express 3.7c, but happened in 3.6, too. I'm on WinXP, Athlon64 4000+, 3GB ram.

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Macro Express sends messages to Windows to release the control keys after the Alt, Control, Shift or Win key have been pressed, however, Windows is not always in a position to receive these messages. We have found that it is sometimes best to issue an Alt Up, Shift Up, etc... at the end of a macro if these keys have been used in the macro.

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